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Day Three Fasting

Assalamualaikum, everybadeee!
How's every doing today? I hope you guys are in good health, body, soul, and mind. InshaaAllah!

I woke up this morning feeling a little more tired than usual because a particular part of my body was hurting, I humbly ask for your prayer for my recovery and health, thank you... So yeah, my body was hurting, but I got up anyway and took a quick shower. I did not do anything much in the morning, really, except to reply to messages my colleagues addressed to me and did some studying on a thing I've been assigned for. 

The pain was still there. I read a few pages of the Quran and pray Dzhur, I then proceeded to call my parents and had a nice long conversation with those 2 amazing human being on this planet. I also annoyed Inov and Naela on our WhatsApp group and told them about an uneasiness I was feeling toward something. After that, I was back on the online meeting with my colleagues and I took a long shower afterward. I decided to use that inexpensive home-hair-spa from Makarizo and washed my hair. I then went to pick out the wardrobe for me to wear for 2 online classes I registered for.

In the first online class, I had mild abdominal pain, but after a 10-minute-ish it was gone. I then continued with the class and asked 2 questions. Then it was almost time for iftar and I realized I haven't prepared anything for iftar so I just made the chocolate-cheese roasted bread like the ones I made yesterday. Finished eating, prayed, read a page from the Quran.

The second online class took another hour, but I didn't ask any questions because I kind of understand the material given and honestly have no question. Plus, my phone was buzzing with notifications, since another netmeet was already starting in one of my whatsapp group. I joined the netmeet and here I am, finally writing my fasting day three on The Pensieve.

I think I have to pay better attention to the things and people I have around me, should've started earlier but it's okay to start now. I also want to thank Wintang who just informed me that she has sent me beef rendang and is on the way to my place (I hope it will arrive soon! thank you Wintang my love 💝) and Tikya who's planning to treat me her famous favorite dessert, I will come to Jogja ASAP hon! Thank you 💝

Lastly, I sincerely ask you guys to pray for my health... I have been feeling uneasy since the tenderness I felt this morning... InshaaAllah Allah will grant me health and happiness... aaamiin yaa rabbal alamiinn...

Thank you for reading this post and for praying for me... I wish you all abundant happiness! 💕