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Day One Fasting

A photo from February 2019 with my friends. It has foods on the table which correlates with this post hehehehe.

So, we're here in the blessed month of Ramadan already, alhamdulillah!
This Ramadan I'm cooking... because I'm staying in Wonosari on my own. I know, right? It must be hard since I've come to the realization long before this that I have no talent for cooking. Zero. Null. But your girl has to survive, right? Especially during pandemic like this, buying cooked-foods outside can be very tricky, so I decided its best for me to at least try surviving by eating my (hopefully) edible cookings.

For the first suhoor, I prepared boiled eggs, nuggets, and rice. I know, very simple, Alhamdulillah I didn't burn the nuggets quite bad. As for the rice, at first, I poured too little water, so it turned out meh, but then I added water to the almost-cooked rice and it turned out delicious!

My first day of fasting was quite busy, I started the day a bit late though because I slept again after Shubuh (do not do this, guys), so I woke up at 8 and had already got tons of messages on WhatsApp. I checked my phone for a bit, replied to the important ones, and took a bath. I started to work on the remaining tasks online and coordinated with my subdivision team (for an ongoing online volunteering project, yes, it mostly regarding the covid19 pandemic). Prayed Dzhur, recite 2,5 pages of the Quran, called my parents at home. After that, I initially wanted to go to the market, but it turned out we have a small grocery shop nearby and I ended up did my shopping there. Arrived at my room, I went straight to the kitchen to prepare my iftar menu.

My iftar menus are... as you guessed, very simple.
Before Asr, I prepared my only confident dish in the whole wide world: sambel terasi. Then I prayed Asr, recite 2 pages of the Quran and watch The Breadwinner on Netflix, paused it, and went back to the kitchen to make a simple nasi goreng sosis/sausage fried rice. I fried the chicken sausages first and then cooked the eggs, mix it with rice, and added... Sajiku nasi goreng ayam to the mix. I know right, you must've been expecting me making the ingredients from scratch... but no honey, still unable to do that and we need food for iftar so instant cooking spices is the answer I need, hehe. The last was a boiled egg that I've prepared since the night before. As for the drink, I opted for Nutrisari jeruk jeju, because your girl needed a Korean vibe to reminisced about Hospital Playlist, looks like somebody is missing hospital life already!

I continued to watch Breadwinner while waiting for calling for prayer. After the movie finished I recited a page from the Quran and it was Maghrib time already. I drink first and pray Maghrib, and ate afterward. Alhamdulillah, all the cookings were edible (thank you Sajiku!) 💕 

Sadly, I did not take a proper photo of the foods... maybe next time? InshaAllah!
I hope you are having a great first day of fasting in this Ramadan 1441H... aaamiin 💕