A passionate young soon-to-be medical doctor with interest in writing and #HealthForAll

When Corona Ends

When corona ends, I will go out under the sunshine more often, thinking of how it made us stronger, and maybe, possibly, thinking of you too.

The fact that I met you during (what I think is) the most inappropriate time, and having fallen for you almost instantly. Oh, what if it doesn't work out? Oh, but what if it does? I have missed this, a feeling I have only partially felt before. It's almost like loving with ease.

Frankly, at first, I didn't think you would... actually be the one who approached me. As expected, you're fun and smart, an ideal someone to have discussions with. I found myself feeling comfortable that I don't check my phone every few minutes to see your replies because I know you will reply. Like I said, I'm doing and feeling everything with ease. I like talking to you, and I'm not trying so hard this time around.

I know, I know, it's still early to declare this feeling of ease I found within you, our conversations, but this is what it is. Let's just keep talking to each other.