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Social Distancing, Self Quarantine

It's finally here, I thought.

I was just discussing the possibility of how Covid19 will intervene with my life, and other student doctors' lives, just the day before our dean finally decided to pull out all student doctors from affiliated hospitals as a way to minimize the spread of the virus. For our safety, too, of course, as we are all still students.

Keeping in mind that I have no problem having contact with patients suspected with Covid19, but considering the fact that my team only consists of 4 women, we have full contact with our patients (helping labor, physical exams for pregnant women) and have been exhausted mentally and physically even before Covid19 arrived in Indonesia; we were in need of a break or at least having more back up in our team.

As an (almost) anankastic person that I am, getting pulled out from the hospital means... no routine, and having no routine means... fiasco. Since I haven't had a lot of time at home these past few months, I have to make a new one; so I started the day with a schedule. The goal is for me to finish all reading material for this rotation and get myself ready and full-on attack mode when I get back to the hospital. I think the key to a great self-quarantine is comfortable clothes and a wristwatch, yes, to track the time so you won't get lost too long in only one thing.

Since this is day one, I'm feeling pretty tired from the exhaustion of yesterday, so I guess, I still have less to share here on the blog. Nevertheless, I'm praying for a speedy recovery to everyone affected by the virus and may the rest be given health and the spirit to continue fighting their battles. Aaamiin.