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Social Distancing, Self Quarantine

It's finally here, I thought.

I was just discussing the possibility of how Covid19 will intervene with my life, and other student doctors' lives, just the day before our dean finally decided to pull out all student doctors from affiliated hospitals as a way to minimize the spread of the vi…

When Corona Ends

When corona ends, I will go out under the sunshine more often, thinking of how it made us stronger, and maybe, possibly, thinking of you too.
The fact that I met you during (what I think is) the most inappropriate time, and having fallen for you almost instantly. Oh, what if it doesn't work ou…

Ob/Gyn rotation: when reality hits

During yesterday's rainy evening, a couple arrived at the emergency department of the hospital I'm working in. The wife was seen pregnant, the belly bump was obvious and they were bringing the pink book (all pregnant women who checked themselves to the clinics, midwives, doctors, were give…