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Pantai Losari at Midnight

I have not been home for 3 years and last Friday I decided to come home (bought the ticket on Thursday evening), since it was the end of my neurology rotation and it's also Chinese new year holiday, plus I have a week off before starting my Ob/Gyn rotation on February 3rd. 

Anyway, I boarded Garuda Airline on Friday evening (8 PM) Yogyakarta time, and landed in Makassar at almost 11 PM, check-in as transit passenger and decided to kill time in the waiting room watching Netflix. At around midnight, I also uploaded a photo of the airport's ceiling on Instagram Story and one of my friends since little kids replied to it asking "where are you?" told him I was in  Makassar, in the airport, for my flight layover and he told me to wait as he was already on the way. I met Fitrah at the arrival pick-up zone and we drove downtown. 

Crazy caught up with Fitrah, he's already finishing his clinical clerkship and is preparing for the exit exam (he's gonna take the exam in February, good luck, champ!), plus he was speaking in full Makassar dialect and I couldn't help but giggling at how much he's changed over the course of few years living in this city. He then drove me to Pantai Losari as per my wish to see it when it's empty and dark, I took some photos of the place and wanted to take photo of the two of us but were scared to asked for stranger's help since it was past midnight and Fitrah felt like it wasn't wise to do so. So we ended up not taking photo together at Pantai Losari. 

We went to one of the convenience store because I was thirsty and he needed the bathroom. Bought him some snacks to accompany him studying for the exam, and went back to the car and he drove us back to the airport. We only took this selfie in front of the departure terminal, and high-fived each other goodbye. Maaan, I was so touched by the gesture, feels so nice having a childhood friend like this.

I had a very nice time during those few hours in Makassar, thank you Dira! and good luck!