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Pantai Losari at Midnight

I have not been home for 3 years and last Friday I decided to come home (bought the ticket on Thursday evening), since it was the end of my neurology rotation and it's also Chinese new year holiday, plus I have a week off before starting my Ob/Gyn rotation on February 3rd. 
Anyway, I boarded G…

Of People and Sentiments

Recently I have been busy with drawing, exploring the how and the ways I love making it. It also made me spent less time here on my blog... and I wasn't in capacity to write anything long, really. So, I guess, I made this one post to highlight my new instagram page, @ofpeopleandsentiments wher…

Waiting for The Trigger

I've been wondering about this for a long time. Why does one have to wait for the trigger to act upon something so religiously? Why can't we all be good from the start, from when we realize that there is a Divine power watching over us, owning us.