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On Audiobooks

I'm writing this while listening to Michelle Obama's "Becoming" audiobook... this is an entirely new experience for me. I was never really fond of audiobooks because I never tried it before this, of course, but also because it felt not like books... you don't get to hold it, to read it, you just... hear it.

I mean, the reading experience is something... personal, something amazing that you get to do with your eyes and get to make the sound in ways you like in your head while picturing the narration of the author in the best way possible; all in the name of processing information. On the other hand, to hear another voice speaking about the inside of the book to you feels different. At first, it doesn't feel like a complete experience, more like listening to a monologue... even though the point of reading is achieved (re: knowing; understanding; gaining insights). 

Nevertheless, having an audiobook means multitasking. For instance, I get to drive while listening to the insights from the book, I get to draw while listening to the insights from the book, I get to lay on my back in a comfortable position and have a voice telling me ideas from the author of the book, I get to write this blogpost while having Michelle Obama reading me passages from her book, and it somehow, peculiarly makes me feel amazing, too.

Kudos to technology, and hopefully, a completed reading list next year, yay!