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Happiness is School-Made: Meeting My Bestfriends!

Yesterday I went to my friends’ Continuing Medical Education seminar in Royal Ambarukmo Hotel in Yogyakarta. They had lots of speakers, great insights, and so much food! I was also so happy because I got the opportunity to reconnect with my friends, it was amazing! Alhamdulillah.

With Wir, one of the busiest people during the seminar. Last time we met was in May 2019, felt like a gazillion days ago!

Mba Mahdea, one of my favorite seniors in Faculty of Medicine UII. Learn a lot of faith and spread kindness in daily life from her. 

My two super women. These two literally save me from my own doom, first-year medical school. The friendship stays strong till now, and hopefully forever, aaamiin!

Hotline Bling; my sole reason of gaining so much weight -- since second-year of medical school.

You can never only take one selfie with Iyuz and Dita. Neverrrrr. LOL.

Okay this is the last one. Happpyyyyy, my darlings, good luck for the exit exam!