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Lewis Capaldi

One of my favorite musicians of all time! Lewis Capaldi's newest album; Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is definitely my most played album of the year --most loved one, too! My commentary on the name of the album is... what a contrary! Imagine saying "uninspired" whilst produ…

On Audiobooks

I'm writing this while listening to Michelle Obama's "Becoming" audiobook... this is an entirely new experience for me. I was never really fond of audiobooks because I never tried it before this, of course, but also because it felt not like books... you don't get to hold it, …

Happiness is School-Made: Meeting My Bestfriends!

Yesterday I went to my friends’ Continuing Medical Education seminar in Royal Ambarukmo Hotel in Yogyakarta. They had lots of speakers, great insights, and so much food! I was also so happy because I got the opportunity to reconnect with my friends, it was amazing! Alhamdulillah.