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My Jakarta Takeaways

Why Jakarta?
The past few weeks of Surgery rotation were filled with the idea that the girls and I should do an outing to another town for a day or two, just to get our minds off things. Initially, the choice was Surakarta, but then we thought it's too close and we didn't quite find what to do that interest us in that particular city. Ella suggested she wants to do ice skating, and since nowhere near has an ice rink, we thought Jakarta will be the answer. It's also a plus point for us since Mba Hesty will have her first experience to ride a train!

The itinerary?
The itinerary was simple, we made it in the mall while eating a portion of Taiwanese street food. We planned to leave Jogja on Friday at 5 PM-ish, board the train to Jakarta at 8 PM, arrive in Jakarta at 4 AM, take a bath in Gambir train station/Istiqlal mosque, pray Shubuh prayer in Istiqlal Mosque, take a picture in front of the Cathedral, visit Monumen Nasional to hopefully find Kerak Telor, visit Kota Tua, brunch at Batavia Cafe, window shopping at Grand Indonesia, visit my father at a hotel nearby GI, hotel check-in, take a 2-3 hours rest, go to Taman Anggrek Mall, eat/drink dinner, ice skating, free hours (if some of us wants to meet friends). Sunday, sleep in until check-out time, try MRT, Museum Macan/mall (based on the will of the group, hahaha), back to Jogja via airplane (Soekarno Hatta Int'l Airport). The point about the itinerary is ice skating, and that we're happy.

The hotel?
The hotel we stayed at was located in Thamrin, so it's easy to move around since it's in the center of the city. We stayed at Jambuluwuk Thamrin Hotel, but initially, we wanted to stay at a 5 star one, but after thinking about it, we thought a more budget-y hotel was more proper for the trip. The hotel has a nice ambiance to it. Our room was painted white with a hint of turquoise wood wall. We had complimentary drinks, our room was equipped with mini-fridge, tv, coffee table, side table, dressing table, bathtub. It was a good deal since we paid below 1 million rupiahs for one room. Will I recommend it? yes!

Meeting Papa!
One of the highlights of this trip was meeting Papa! I haven't seen Papa for 1 year (the last time we met was in November 2018 for my graduation ceremony in Jogja). Papa was in Jakarta for a business trip, and he extended one day in the city to wait for me and meet me. I miss Papa soooooo much, alhamdulillah he's in good health, looking good as he has always been! Papa stayed in a hotel near GI, so before the girls and I went window shopping, we put our bags (we backpacked) in his hotel room. Papa and I met for less than 1 hour if we calculate it. I think becoming a parents is the most difficult yet the most patient job in the world, but my Papa and Mama manage the job just right. I hope to come home for holiday, inshaaAllah. I've been missing home for too long... can't wait for a week off at home surrounded by the people I love. InshaaAllah.