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Dear Inov, Your Emotions Are Valid

Yogyakarta, July 3rd, 2019

Dear Inov, 

I often read that forgiveness is what you need to let go of a heavy heart, but as per June this year I realized that you don't have to forgive some people to let go of the burden of the heart. All you need is clarity. The clarity of what you really feel towards the person, the clarity of how much you mean to the said person, the clarity of the situation; the toxicity, the pureness --what light can the person give to your, or what darkness.

I've learned the hard way that giving your all and not getting anything in return for the love you give will harm your soul. Yet again, some people will not have an understanding of your pure affection. But dear darling, that doesn't matter. Because in doing so, in giving your all, you're not measuring the capacity of the other person, but your own. Your capacity and quality of loving; there's nothing wrong with that. It's okay to dislike or even hate the person you think you loved because what you're feeling and what you used to feel is an evolution of your growth. Change in itself is growth.

A simple dislike or a raging hatred toward another person who hurt you, who caused you discomfort and uneasiness in living your life is justifiable. Your choice to stay away from doubtful matters and people is one of the best ways to protect your heart from being diseased/ill. Your feeling and emotions do not define you as a good person or as a bad person. On the other hand, emotions and feelings need time to dissolve and you can feel what you feel, do not be sorry about it. You're feeling what you're feeling it is real.
Your emotions are valid. Let it out.