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Anchor Up to Me, My Love

Dear Ika, Just Keep Going

Yogyakarta, July 8th, 2019

Dear Ika,
It was a Saturday night when I experienced my first patient's death. I was in the ER on a night shift, when my patient's vital sign dropped --for a split second, it felt like mine was dropping, too. You will never forget your first patient's death, t…

Dear Zul, Engineering Is Hard; Why Took It?

Yogyakarta, July 8th, 2019
Dear Zul, 
I cannot help but paying attention to your seemingly endless campus activities and the MUN-related ones. How amazing, I thought, for being able to do almost everything simultaneously. Which brings us to question number one, why you took it? I've had severa…

Dear Inov, Your Emotions Are Valid

Yogyakarta, July 3rd, 2019
Dear Inov, 
I often read that forgiveness is what you need to let go of a heavy heart, but as per June this year I realized that you don't have to forgive some people to let go of the burden of the heart. All you need is clarity. The clarity of what you really feel t…