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Sustainable Fashion: What You Wear Matters

I have been paying more attention to the things I buy and the clothes that I wear recently. Not the models, but how they were made and the ecological significance they possess. For example, the last time I purchase a new cloth was March, and it was a simple white cotton blouse. Why white? because it means the fabric doesn't use coloring (even though it may be bleached during the production process, but in my own use; I don't use bleach for my clothes).

The dress I wear in the photo is also an old one, from 2018. I tend to keep my wardrobe stagnant; meaning when I buy a new cloth, I have to pull another one out. Some of the clothes I have are also hand-downs from my mom. The tote bag I use in the photo was made from the remaining fabrics from the fashion industry that would otherwise end up in the dump. My work/school backpack is special edition Kånken made entirely from polyester recycled from plastic bottles. I don't use softener for my clothes because of the waste it produces to the environment. 

It's up to us to decide what to buy and what to wear, and I think it's better to be more aware of the impacts of our actions on the environment (both ecological, economic and social significance (they give to the workers)).