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Procrastination and What-Not

  • I had my Mini-CEX I (case presentation) today and since I had the flu a couple of days back, I have postponed writing my case (it has to be handwritten in a big Batik book, from patient's status to pathogenesis,  clinical manifestation, laboratory findings and etc) until last night. I think, though, perhaps the flu wasn't the only explanation of my procrastination. I'm starting to believe that maybe I didn’t write it sooner is because I thought I have more time. I need to pay more attention to everything, get rid of the remaining flu symptoms ASAP and start doing things as soon as I get them in order to minimize mistakes and to have more time reading things that make me happy, are helpful and useful. This is my muhasabah diri/self-introspection/self-reflection for the day.
  • A little bit about the disease I presented today: neurodermatitis or also known as lichen simplex chronicus is usually a life long condition associated with chronic scratching/rubbing of the itchy area. Other factors may be aggravating the problem, but the main cause is not fully understood. Although, some studies find the association of anxiety with neurodermatitis, some people with prior skin conditions are also reported of developing lichen simplex chronicus (like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, etc.) -- because the itchy sensation which is often alleviated by scratching. Usually, patients find the itchy-breaking cycle to be very challenging. 
  • I'm so sleepy I have to go to bed, I don't even think I'm typing anything that makes sense right now. 
Beforehand, I'd like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak! May this month of profound goodness bring peace into our hearts, and may the habit we try to build in this month continued every day afterwards, insha'Allah, aammiinnn.