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Zhifa is a soon to be medical doctor. This blog is her way of sharing the bits and bobs of living, her views, her works, and also her sources of happiness.

Sustainable Fashion: What You Wear Matters

I have been paying more attention to the things I buy and the clothes that I wear recently. Not the models, but how they were made and the ecological significance they possess. For example, the last time I purchase a new cloth was March, and it was a simple white cotton blouse. Why white? because …

A Favorite Person, A Lovely Poem, and A Sweet Visit

My mother is in town! The joy of Ramadan, alhamdulillāh! This makes me want to share one of my favorite poems ever, this one written by Marge Piercy, titled, My mother's novel.
Married academic woman ten years younger holding that microphone like a bazooka, forgive me that I do some number of thin…

Procrastination and What-Not

I had my Mini-CEX I (case presentation) today and since I had the flu a couple of days back, I have postponed writing my case (it has to be handwritten in a big Batik book, from patient's status to pathogenesis,  clinical manifestation, laboratory findings and etc) until last night. I think, th…