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Good Luck, Seniors!

After Farewell Party with The Seniors @ Wonosari General Hospital, March 2019.

Recently received great news from my seniors, mas Fikri and mas Adri, that alhamdulillah they have passed Ujian Tapis and are preparing themselves for UKMPPD batch May 2019. Bismillah... I pray for your success abang-abang aku! Thank you for guiding us to be the best version of student-doctors, semoga kita semua bisa bermanfaat bagi banyak orang, inshaAllah, aaamiinn...

Before Saying Goodbyes.

With Our Lovely dr. Ima, Ibu Sri, and Ibu Yun!

After ENT OSLER Exam.

After Saying Goodbyes.

After I Apologized for Being a Demanding Little Sister.

After Our (well, mine, actually) First Ever Joint-Exam.

Another One with Our Lovely Moms!