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World Hearing Day 2019: Check Your Hearing!

Unaddressed hearing loss has impacts such as increased costs to healthcare services and loss of productivity. Unaddressed hearing loss doesn't only impacts the individuals with the condition but also their families. For example, children with hearing loss can have delayed speech that would hinder their way of communicating with their parents and friends, they will need greater assistance in learning and have increased rates of grade failure, while adults with unaddressed hearing loss have a higher unemployment rate and are often paid less than the general workforce.

Some causes of hearing loss can be prevented, by means of getting a vaccination against rubella, meningitis; reduce noise exposure (factory workers to use ear muffs for protection, general population to limit the amount of time listening to high pitch noises). Early identification & appropriate interventions are the keys to address hearing loss. Early identification: universal newborn screening (screening for hearing loss shortly after birth), school ear and hearing checks, regular screening for the population at risk, annual hearing test for people above 60 years old. WHO has developed hearWHO, a software to screen your hearing overtime! The app is available for download in Appstore and PlayStore. (Source: WHO, 2019)