A passionate young soon-to-be medical doctor with interest in writing and #HealthForAll

Acknowledgments (Extended Version)

I would like to thank God, Allah SWT for His every blessing and for letting me finish this work, for every day I wake up healthy and find easiness in things I do. None of this can be achieved without Your permission. I’m grateful for Prophet Muhammad SAW, who led us from the dark of times to the light of Islam, a religion so beautiful and perfect. الْحَمْدُ للَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِيْن.

Secondly, I would like to pour my love and gratitude to my ever-loving and generous parents, papa M. Syuja Tuanaya & mama Rahmawati Jongken. Your prayers, I believe, were the ones that made things easy for me. Thank you for providing me with love, supporting my emotional and all financial needs throughout the years I studied undergraduate degree. Without you, I don’t think I will ever gonna make it. This bachelor thesis is presented for you.
I thank the big family of Opa Thahir Tuanaya; Oma Umi Salamah Latuconsina whose phone calls are always the one I long for, the hand-written letters containing prayers, and the never-ending love and support for each and every one of us in the family. Papa Han Tuanaya (and Tante Yuli, Fariz and Aji), for the love, the prayers, support, and the ability to put my anxiety to rest. Tante Heni Tuanaya, for the love, the reminders in WhatsApp, and for always teaching me to be brave, setting the great example of a true Women Power and to have a big heart.  Papa Oni Tuanaya (and Tante Indah, Raffi and Kintan) for the love, for teaching me to take things easy, be nice to all people, and play a big role in shaping my dream to be a globetrotter. Papa Ferry (and Tante Aja, Kk Rabie, Rhid and Najwan) for the love, knowing how to calm me down and the long phone calls discussing my early childhood and the prayers.
I thank the big family of Kong Lukman Jongken; Ibu R. Latuconsina. Kong, who only in rare occasions would call but always believe in me and my ability to become a medical doctor. Bunda Niniek Jongken (and Ci Phea, Ci Nidar, Ci Raissa, Ci Dhea and Erin) for the love, prayers, and Facebook comments; I miss you lots! Mami Emi Jongken (and Ci Ajeng, Tintan and Nabil) thank you for the dear support, love, and for being so thoughtful and brought me a birthday cake from home to Jogja on my birthday. Mom Ivan Jongken (and Tante Ida, Zidane, Achi, Dhafi, and Dhifi) for the love and support.
I would like to thank dr. Rahma Yuantari, M.Sc., Sp.PK; my thesis supervisor, for the guidance and time made for me during the writing of this thesis. The inputs, suggestions, and enthusiasm to craft this thesis were what made this thesis possible. Thank you for lifting up my spirit to continue the journey, to achieve my dream to be a great medical doctor, and the advice about my anxiety. I would also like to thank dr. Linda Rosita, M.Kes., Sp.PK as my thesis examiner for the inputs, suggestions, and the time allocated for perfecting this writing, and as the dean of Faculty of Medicine who has helped me in many other occasions. My academic supervisor dr. Sufi Desrini, M.Sc for the support and the spirit, you’re among many doctors who inspired me to travel the world and contribute more to science. All the doctors in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Indonesia; for all the lessons and guidance, thank you.
I also thank the people in dr. Soedirman Hospital in Kebumen for helping me with the data needed to conduct this research. Pak Wawan and Mas Bekti for without your help it would take weeks to get the right medical records. Thank you. I thank the people in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Islam Indonesia, who made it possible for me to graduate, for all their kindness; Mbak Nita, Mbak Heni, Ibu Antari, Ibu Nur, Ibu Marni, Pak Win, Pak Sus, Pak Ahsan, Pak Yanto, Pak Udin, the photocopy team under the stairs, the nice cleaning service team, and all other people whose name was not mentioned here. Thank you.
My crazy best friends; Eka D. Adam, Tri Inov Haripa, Ramadhantika R. Tuasikal, Naela Nabila; for always understanding my every situation, for being there whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on, for listening to my worries and for being a good people in general. I’m grateful to have you all (direct and virtual) when my life was taking a very unpleasant downhill turn and when I acted crazy and unstable. Thank you for your understanding. I can’t begin to describe how nice it is to have someone who understands. I’m forever grateful for you people.
My hotline bling; Verlita Utami and Wahyu C. Utomo; the twins. Thank you for providing me insights about life in general and as student doctors. For the late-night meals, ice creams, and conversations. For calming me down when my words were storming out of my mouth like a hurricane when I’m so uncertain about what to do and what to feel and for knowing how to have fun. I miss you guys all the time and I’m grateful to have you as best friends.
My Tiroksin sisters; Ratna A. Fairuz, Astri A. Utomo, Tita R. Dewinta, D. Ulfa Thalita, Indah N. Santi; Thank you mbak Iyuz and Dita for the roof you provided during my stay in Kebumen, for helping me with the data and always ready to listen to my whatever day-report. Tita for your never ending support and a roof above my head in Jl. Bantul km 5, for agreeing to “share” your mom as my mama piara. Ulfa for the shared struggle together towards the end of bachelor degree, for staying at my place when my anxiety was kicking in like crazy and for calming me down. Iin for our witty conversations and prayers I believe we always sent but never tell one another. I love you guys. Thank you. My Tiroksin brothers; Bryan S. Saputra, Widya K. C. P, Yusa M. Thoriq, Helmi Zunan; thank you for lifting my spirit up whenever we met and for the horror stories that scare most of us, you guys rock!
My Jogja Family, Tante Hanifah Tuasikal, Alm. Om Edi Latuconsina, mbak Mira Latuconsina, mbak Dany Latuconsina, mbak Uci Latuconsina; thank you for the home you give to me. I know I can always go to your place whenever I like it because it is home, because you all care about me so much and I you. Thank you for the foods on the table, the ears that listen, all the good advice on praying and staying calm. Pangukan is the truest form of home in Jogja! Also a sincere thank you to Om Syarif Tuasikal, mama Nur Tuanaya, abang Afit Tuasikal and Opi Tuanaya who have the magical ability to make me be blatantly honest about my inner wars and for listening even though mostly via phone calls. I thank you all for being there.
My best friends from Kimpulan 2; mbak Noni Rizka, Vivid H. Ummahat, mbak Anisa D. Arifani, Sausan Mizhari; for our fruitful discussions, shared experience and dear affection towards each other’s well being. Thank you for being there!
My Eat Good Food ladies; Wintang Tanaya and Prita M. Yadanta; Thank you for the insights about cooking good food, for giving me so much help, and for the assurance that what is yours is yours and it will come at the right time. Also, thank you to Desti A. Lestari, my SG-KL travel mate for setting the example that you can never go wrong with good people and for showing me that whenever there is will, there is a way.
My BIJS; Kartikya I. Utami, Retyan S. Nurani, Wahid Rahman; for having the same favorite trip to look back to, thank you for all the movie reviews, amazing music recommendations and out talks about places, things, people, books and other things. To Tikya, especially, alhamdulillah we can graduate together just like what we planned on doing. To Rey and mas Wahid, s e m a n g a t, I’ll see you all on top!
My Turgo family; Ibuk Retno, Bapak Takdir, Ibunda, Rindu and Uze; for the never-ending prayers and for making me better in being grateful. I thank you for always taking me in whenever I need you people, for cooking things I wish to eat and always checking up on me when I was caught up in my balloon of anxiety. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, to fellow classmates; Abiyyu, Abrar, Adel, Adelina, Adit, Agil, Aguf, Aim, Ainun, Alfu, Alin, Alvin, Amel, Amir, Amnaz, Angga, Anggit, Anggun, Anna, Atok, Baitika, Bayu, Bela, Bellinda, Candra, Canggih, Cindy, Citra, Cong, Dani, Devina, Dhani, Dian, Dinar, Dwi, Elita, Ella, Esna, Fadhel, Faishal, Fajar, Fanana, Farida, Farin, Fhaliq, Fifa, Fina, Firman, Fishella, Fito, Hani, Haryo, Heldy, Hemas, Iis, Ika, Inayatul, Ines, Inna, Intan, Izan, Jo, Leny, Liya, Lulu, Macfudz, Mada, Mandy, mbak Filzah, mbak Mala, Mira, Muri, Nada, Nadia, Nana, Naomi, Nastiti, Naufal, Nia, Nisa, Olif, Ombre (Cermin), Pandhu, Putri, Rahman, Rani, Raras, Razty, Rey, Ridho, Rika, Riza, Rosa, Sasa, Satrio, Biman, Sella, Septa, Sidi, Sifa, Siti, Tania, Tedo, Teguh, Tessa, Tri, Tya, Ulan, Ulin, Urani, Wildan, Winda, Yayas, Yoanda, Yoka, Yovie, Yudo, Yumna, Yuris, Zahra, Zara, Zenitha, Zensa, Zhafir, Zul.
Thank you to all people who prayed silently for the succession of this bachelor thesis writing and for me as an individual. I wish us all happiness in this dunya and in the hereafter. Aaamiinn.


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