Hello, there!
Zhifa is a soon to be medical doctor. This blog is her way of sharing the bits and bobs of living, her views, her works, and also her sources of happiness.

Happiness Sells, I Get It

Happiness sells, I get it. And we aren’t always happy. And maybe that’s the reason why we buy it. Going extra miles to find it. Leaving the rest just to be with it. But you see, we aren’t always happy, and maybe that’s the point. You don’t have to be happy all the time. If you’re always happy, then …

The Endless Circle of Doubts

More often than sometimes I’m stuck in the endless circle of self-doubt and fear of unable to do good and be enough. For instance, I have been holding back from my undergraduate thesis defense for weeks now. It’s crazy how I was once a brave young woman and now I’m turning into this horrible coward…