A passionate young soon-to-be medical doctor with interest in writing and #HealthForAll

She and Her Attributes

she was the most orange form of blue
like the color of the setting sky
or the view when the sun rises just above the ocean
her dreams are afloat and alive
real and unending
longing to be satisfied

her hair is wavy like the stormy ocean
and as black as the night sky
but she has chosen to cover the ocean and the night sky
with fear for the Lord she always asks forgiveness from
but her thoughts are something
that cannot be covered nor concealed
for they are continuous and dauntless 

her heart is reserved
for the love of her God
and a few human beings that
never left her prayers
two of whom she was born from
and their mothers and their fathers
and him

her hands are always dancing
stitching wounds, applying alcohol
drawing blood from human’s veins
pray, maintain her weight in sujood
longing to touch thing she is yet allowed to touch
she takes care of her hands
so that together they will help the needy
or even helping them now

her legs are among her daily prayers
to bring her to good places
even though at days she has a sick toe
her legs always seem able to let her
do things she should do,
going to school to earn the degree,
stop by the places she considered holy
to worship the Owner of all the lands and the oceans

she sure has some lackings, 
but she is learning to accept life
and becoming more
of what she is today