A passionate young soon-to-be medical doctor with interest in writing and #HealthForAll

Road to 20

After living life for a good 19 years and 9 months, I have the privilege to encounter types of people. the nowadays types I usually somehow fated to meet are stubborn, some have secret motives and some are upfront hateful. I don’t know exactly what turned them into those kinds of people, but I think it might be because they’ve faced some bitterness of life and so they decided to be bitter than the life itself, which is somehow peculiarly acceptable. I also have noticed changes within myself since earlier this year, even though at times I can be so full of emotions and wanting to break everything I touch when nobody sees me, I also feel like I’m more forgiving; in terms of dealing with people, I now have the tendency to analyze what their situation might be and sort of developing the feeling of hudznudzon… but yes, I’ve been let down sometimes. however, after facing a mere 3 weeks of hell last year for the questions in my head I cannot answers and for answers to questions I don’t understand, I decided to be more positive. and I believe in humans around me. I understand that there are times that people might be bad, but like what Anna Frank said;

in spite of everything I still think that people are good at heart.
and I’m hopeful.