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A Tale of New York City

New York – The First Day
The roads were slippery, the after snow effect. The streets were not so busy like what I used to see in movies, it was somewhat deserted and very cold; at least to the part of the city where I got to live in.  Although that, the taxi driver, Mr. Frederick was so nice and warm, I felt welcome already.
The first thing to be done after arriving in the 2nd avenue was looking for the keys to the apartment, a search that felt like days when you have to get rid of the remaining snow and look for the particular thing with your bare hands. But I wasn’t complaining, I felt warm somehow… even when my right hand almost went totally numb. There’s just something about certain people’s company that make yourself feel okay and even turn the cold weather into a glittery shining warm day inside you.
The next thing that happened was a not-so-surprised visit from a very beautiful and nice aunt (along with her kind husband and three amazing, good, smart kids). I felt so much joy I think I could burst. I have been longing to meet the kids since the last time I saw them in 2013. After seeing enough Facebook posts about how they’ve grown so much, I’m hyped to actually meet them in person. The cold New York city was once again, warm.
The night continued to a Times Square surprise sight-seeing from the minivan, take-away The Halal Guys, a short visit to Starbucks to buy coffee (for some yes they ordered coffee, but I wasn’t in the mood to try coffee) and Sinyo’s favorite cake. I could not ask for a better first day in New York City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
Wrongly put the wrong sauce on my chicken over rice, I still couldn’t stop eating. Even though in the end I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing, I was full and grateful. The effort to turn on the internet or to set up the TV was fun! We got to be in a nice living room with gray sofa and warm temperature, talked about this and that, read some useful handbooks and did some research. Again, there’s just something about that certain someone’s company, he makes the warm warmer and life better.
“In New York, you’ve got to have all the luck.” said Charles Bukowski, and I have it already, well at least; that’s what I think. I slept with a happy heart that night, after all, I was in New York city.