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A Prayer about Outgrowing Limitations

I’d always vaguely expected to outgrow my limitations. And that is not a bad thing. If I were unable to outgrow those limitations, I just wish I can accustom myself to them and find ways to make better use of all of my limitations, instead of declaring and believing that my limitations are my shortcomings, because they are not.
Having limitations is just a simple reminder that I’m a human, and that after all, I’m just a speck of dust in this big universe and that I am always in need of the helps God send me.
O Allah, I’m grateful for all the good You sent me… there is no better Helper than You, and I seek refuge in You, please make me grow into a stronger and better person, give me signs to make better use of my limitations, help me on my study and future plans, give ease to all my businesses and bless my loved ones. Aminnn yaa Rabbal alamin…