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The People of Tutorial 7

"But Ma, I'm afraid with the new tutorial group. How if they can't accept me?"
That was my exact words to my mother after the announcement of our second-year medical tutorial groups. Here in Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Islam Indonesia, tutorial groups (sort of a FGD consisting of 8-10 people, discussing medical scenarios thrice a week) change every academic year. And on the academic year of 2015/2016, I got to meet 9 amazing young minds from different parts of Indonesia. With these 9 people, I have changed in some aspects of life and I love it. But just like everything else in life, nothing ever lasts.


Angga, CU, Fajar, Bellinda, Dhifa, Elita, Tita, Verlita dan Mbak Khilda. Each and every one of the names mentioned is unique. Let us start with one by one, starting from...

Born on April 24th with full name Angga Afriandi, originally from Pontianak, West Borneo. Angga is very funny, like seriously very funny even though he is also good on maintaining a very serious facial expression so that he'd look cool, he's actually a comical guy at heart. Angga and I have our own "sahabat fist-bump" and we shared the same enjoyment for Iwan Fals's music, but that wasn't until the beginning of the academic year 2016 that we started to sing his songs like crazy before the tutorial discussion began. We are also part of the same organisation (one that I'm not exactly very active at), CMIA or Center of Medical Islamic Activities. Angga often slip-tongued his way in tutorials, like saying the near-correct names of book authors or some difficult phrases, and it often became one of the jokes in our tutorial group. Angga likes to bully Dhifa so much, even though the have the same DPA (an academic counselling lecturer).

Wahyu Cipto Utomo. Born on March 12th, also go by CU or Wir (for me). Before we were sorted into the same tutorial group, all I know about CU is only one thing; he's Tita's first year tutorial group fella, and that out of nowhere he started to call me Mbon (from the word Ambon) and that I decided to call him Wir (from the term Jawir, because he's a Javanese) as a response. Lol, I know, we share a very joyous racist friendship. During our second year of studying medicine, Wir, Verlita and I have shared a unique best-friend outing routine, including not knowing where to eat for lunch to midnight car ride to eat fried rice at the other end of the city. Usually we go out riding Wir's car called SiBir. The time we spent together mostly discussing Verlita and Wir's romance problems, I stress about how tiring organisational life can be. Wir is a great motivator, he managed to lighten up Verlita's sometimes gloomy mood with inspirational quotes, of how Verlita and I should not let romantic status be the parameter of our happiness. He also likes to tell me to watch my diet because he thinks I'm getting much bigger. I'm trying to do the 30 laps of swimming, Wir, to get skinnier and healthier, like you said.

The third son with 2 handsome big brothers, sometimes I wonder, JAr, what happened to you? Haha, just kidding. Fajar is the Toretto in our tutorial. He drives his Suzuki Baleno like a crazy person being chased by another crazy person. Born on December 19th, just 7 days before his girlfriend Tita was born. Fajar is a very unique Cilacapian (I just made that out). Very fluent in Javanese. A gamer and a master of making posters. Fajar loved to bully some people in our tutorial, like giving them the chance to speak and when they started to speak he points at somebody else to continue speaking. Bingung? saya juga!

Bellinda Citra, the brain of our tutorial group. This girl always has something smart to say. Born on February 28th, came from Rembang, Central Java. Always encouraging people to read and is a die-hard K-Drama fan. She considers studying as a fun thing to do, she even told us that when she's angry, she tried to convert the anger into an energy to study.

Dhifa, also go by D'Fighter, Nisa. I called her kembar because our name is kind of similar. Dhifa is originally from Kali Angkrik, Magelang. She is very talended in debating, especially in tutorial discussions. Anak KASTRAD LEM FK UII. Senang berjualan chicken box. Very smart girl! Gonna miss you a lot, little one!

Ever had that one friend who loves a colour so much she actually has her pencil box, bag and even car decorated in that colour? Well, I have! Her name is Elita Nur H and she loves pink. Elita is actively involved in LEM FK UII as the 2nd Secretary and is also active in a bunch of other committees in my campus. She called me "Pipiyot" a character from children magazines the '90s kids of Indonesia used to read when they were little. In my 4th semester of studying medicine, I always (well, almost) got paired with Elita, and one thing very nice about it is that we managed to get the works done in time. Elita is part of Genk Cinta, a friendship group established with her friends from Tutorial 1 on our first year.

Mbak Khilda.
Mbak Khilda lived in the same building with me, but unlike the rest of my tutorial who are batch 2014, mbak Khilda is batch 2011. She followed 3 consecutive blocks with us to increase her grades. Mbak Khilda has a very cheerful laugh! She is now on a clerkship, I wish her well!

Verlita Utami is my very nice and hungry bestfriend. If you take a look at her figure, you wouldn't think that she has an eating habit like an elephant, but trust me, she eats (sometimes) way more than I do. This girl has a very nice sense about fashion and whatever she wears will look very fabulous no matter how ugly it may look on me. Along with Wir, we developed a close-bullyable-and-joyous friendship and name ourselves the hotline bling. Yes, like Drake's song. It all started when Verlita, Wir and I were on the same assignment group back on block 2.2 Infection on 2015, after getting lost on our way to find our patient's house, we became close and love each other. I mean, thats how our friendship is, even though sometimes we fought (because I like being very childish and get mad for things that are not important) we always managed to laugh our asses off and eat something to lessen the awkwardness after being "angry". Oh, this girl is nocturnal. She can stay up all night in Luxury internet cafe and sleep the next morning. Completely messed sleeping patter I would say, regardless, WAJAHNYA BERSIH BANGET BOOOOO, saya yang tidur malam selalu lebih dari 5 jam aja jerawatan tapi bocah ini kagak kan bikin kesel ya gak sih?! But thats life, bro. Full of surprises and disappointments... hahaha malah baper.

Tita Retno Dewinta, a mix of Padang-Jogja, my bestfriend since AORTA. Tita was born on December 26th. A very creative mind. I was very happy when I first heard that we were sorted to the same tutorial group! Since September 2015, I have frequently visit her house and now a sleepover sounds like an obligation. Did you know that Tita's mom is the best home cook in town?! Her mother's cooking can make you fall in love and fat at the same time. I'm so grateful for having this person as a bestfriend in my life because she understands... even though sometimes she bullied me in ways she didn't realize as bullying, I'd still break the nose of the person who breaks her heart.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun. - Charles R. Swindoll

I will miss you all terribly. Good luck, to all of us!