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2015: A Recap

Basically, the year 2015 has been a very nice year to me, regardless of how many times the universe tried to fucked me up, lol. So, I'm going to list down things that made me happy in 2015:
  • Joined EDS UII 
  • Privileged to be one of the Top Ten Best Speakers in the 4th NNDC
  • Joined BoE UIIMUN Association
  • Bought my diving gears (including a GoPro from mom and dad for my birthday)
  • Became a certified 1-star scuba diver
  • Joined the UIIMUN open recruitment for UII Official Delegations for LIMUN 2016 (and got selected!)
  • Followed JOINMUN 2015
  • Did PPK twice! (during block 1.4 Cardiovascular and Respiration and block 2.2 Infectious Diseases)
  • Got a new phone!

But what is life without the downs? below are things that made me sad in 2015:
  • Kakak Dhani's passing
  • Got sick (like really sick, for like almost 2 months)