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Rest Well, Beloved Sister

The most saddening and heartbreaking event happened in 2015 was the passing of my very smart and beautiful cousin; Pramadhani Reihan Tuasikal. Innalilahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun.

I was shocked when I first received the news, it was November 4th, still early dawn when my mother called to tell me the news. I was surprised because I didn't know that she was sick, to be honest, I thought that everything was alright (I did know that she was hospitalized after Idul Fitri because of the dengue fever, but I didn't know that she was that sick). I don't want to be very detailed on her sickness, its just that I know she fought hard and God I prayed for her to be given the best place in Heavens.

Growing up, Pramadhani Reihan Tuasikal has always been my role model. When I was still in elementary school, people thought that I was her younger sister. We shared the same traits; curly hair, black eyes, thick eyebrows, the resemblances were so real, and everyone knew how happy I was every time they called me as Dhani's younger sister.

Kakak Dhani was the real example of everybody's favorite. She was straight As student, from elementary school to college and a very creative person! She used to draw a lot and all her drawings were awesome, she gave me a drawing of a girl (like the ones in anime) bringing a love-shaped bag and I was very happy. She used to lend me her guitar and I used to act as if I could play it until my fingers turned very red, but proud because I played her guitar and she let me!

She went to SD Al-Fattah, SMP 14 Ambon, SMA Negeri 1 Ambon and studied psychology in UII and graduated cum laude and as the youngest one to graduate in her batch! so proud. She worked in KompasTV, and I believe she had the best kinds of friends (I met her friends in her book Hujan Dan Tanah Basah Yang Lain launching and they were all cool and nice and good people. oh, also note that she was also Kakak Aldila Tuanaya's cousin and best friend, I always admired their friendship). From what I know, her friends portrayed her as a very cheerful and smart person, even though her blog posts were somehow the very opposite of what they portrayed her.

If I get to tell all stories that made me look up to her, it would take more than one post and I wouldn't be able to put them all in words because Kakak Dhani had inspired me in a way that words couldn't fully comprehend. One thing that I remember most is that; she used to say; "why bother thinking about something unchangeable, when you have the here and now to be happy?

I know that you're in a better place right now and I'm -we all are- praying for you, be happy Up There yeah? 

P.s: People are liking your writings! No, I mean, people are loving your writings! They love your book and your blog and I hope that it will make you happy!

P.p. s: to any of you who would love to read my sister's works (poetries, short stories, essays, and etc) please do pay a visit to her blog, here.