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Post Exam Stress Reliever

I had my final test about infectious disease and how they occur today. Got to answer 125 questions in about 2 hours and it was enough to make my head spin. Basically, Infection block lasted for 5 weeks and we had 4 scenarios for the PBL meaning that we also had 4 mini quizzes. So far, what I learned from this block are the epidemiology of infectious disease, immune responses to infection, basic mycology, virology and bacteriology, the basic principles of microbiology lab check, the pathogenesis of malaria, filariasis, the mechanism of fever, the prevention of infectious diseases, etc.

Well, it was a lot to take in but eventually, I have to digest and understand it all, so I did my best, I hope the outcome will be great, aaamiiinnn!

Anyway, just like regular Friday, I have debate practice on 6:30 and so I went. This practice was different though, because finally after not seeing each other since May... I met Adhiya! It's funny because whenever I went to the debate practice he couldn't go and when I couldn't go, he went. Adhiya is my debate partner (even though we have never been on the same team) and he is also a very good listener! Adhiya always gives me pieces of advice on how to deal with my problems and also a very funny guy too. Since NNDC (National Newbie Debating Championship) 2015 last May, we never saw each other, it's sad because we're living in the same city... talk about college life and life in general. Adhiya's girlfriend is a stewardess and is so pretty, I wonder why she wanted to be with him since he's not that handsome hahahaha maaf Ya, becanda. It was so nice meeting Adhiya. When I got in the building the two of us were so excited it looked like as if one of us just win the lottery or something, but I guess thats just how our friendship goes.

During the debate practice, we debated upon the motion TH Should Stop Giving Bailouts to Banks, and because I don't understand how the system works very well and because Adhiya is a very smart economic student, he won. It was actually not a long "hey there my friend I'm so glad I get to see you again after months" chit-chat, because after the debate I got to go somewhere else and before I went, we took this embarrassing selfie using 3G's laptop, Adhiya doesn't know that I'm posting these photos online though, hahahaha.